Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yisroel Best Headed to the Hospital - Rubashkin Heading Back to Fort Dix Prison - by Phone RECORDED Psak Din of the Mara Deasra Rabbi Osdoba Shelita

Moshe Rubashkin illegally called a N'tzigim meeting today in his house to impeach Leibish Nash, for following the clear din in Shulchan Aruch, that when someone refuses to come to a Din Torah, he can then be sued in secular court.

At the meeting, N'tzigim Chairman Yisroel Best attempted to take a roll call.

Rubashkin did not allow Best to speak, insisting that he was no longer the Chairman, since Rubashkin has already replaced him with his crony, Benny Raskin (who is not really a N'tzig anyway, as his Shul has removed him for his complicity in Rubashkin's crimes).

When Best patiently continued calling the roll from a list he held in his hands. Suddenly it dawned on Rubashkin that he did not have the votes to impeach Nash, whereupon he flew into a rage and grabbed the list out of Best's hands and crumpled it up.

When Best attempted to reach for the list, Rubashkin violently assaulted him and repeatedly punched him in the head until he was restrained by several people.

Best suffered head trauma, a broken tooth, a broken or dislocated jaw, broken glasses, a big gash on his forehead, and several severe bruises. He is currently in the hospital for evaluation and treatment. (Please say a kapitel Tehillim for his refua shleima.)

Needless to say, this felony assault can result in a lengthy jail sentence for Mr. Rubashkin. Therefore, Best hesitated to press charges and have Rubashkin arrested.

While Best was being taken to the hospital, he requested that a p'sak be obtained from a Rov as to whether he should file charges against Rubashkin.

The Moro D'asro, Rabbi Schwei was consulted, but he refused to pasken, since Rubashkin has withheld his check for several months, causing him to be biased against Rubashkin. Rabbis Mangel and Bogomilsky were also consulted but they were hesitant to pasken on such a grave matter.

Finally, the Moro D'asra, Rabbi Osdoba was called. Rabbi Osdoba was told the entire story without identifying the parties involved and was asked what should be done.

In response, he paskened that charges must be filed immediately and that only afterwards should the perpetrator be called to a Din Torah and if he made amends, perhaps the Beis Din would ask the complainant to drop charges.

Rabbi Osdoba was then told that the perpetrator is on Parole and would probably be imprisoned for many years as a result of the charges.
He responded, "So what? That gives him a right to hit people? That's his problem!"

DaasHakohol.com has learned that the conversation with Rabbi Osdoba was recorded on the caller's Treo cellphone via a recording program called CallRec (see http://blog.treonauts.com/2005/11/treo_call_sound.html).

It is clear as day that Rubashkin is completely out of control. In the court case, new information has come out that indicates that Rubashkin's criminal actions and g'neivos far exceed anything the plaintiffs ever imagined. His violent behavior shows that he will stop at nothing to hold onto power.

If he is not stopped, Rubashkin is liable to literally KILL someone based on Rabbi Osdoba and Segal's p'sak din that they're mosrim and that they have a "DIN RODEF"

Following Rabbi Osdoba's clear p'sak, Best will file charges upon his release from the hospital.

DaasHakohol.com hopes Rubashkin will see the writing on the wall and resign from the Va'ad Hakohol in order to spare himself a lengthy prison sentence.

If he does not, he will have only himself to blame.

Click to Download NEW LETTER From Rabbi Schwei where he says:
"Not Only is it Permissible to go to court but it an OBLIGATION
To go to court so that we can Remove Rubashkin from Power

Click Here to Download 4 Page Netzigim Letter PDF
Explaining Why the community is forced to take Rubashkin to Court

Click for a Link to Fort Dix

Click to see Rubashkin's status in Fort Dix (subject to change)


At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you write that Rubashkin called a meeting illegally? The CHJCC by-laws clearly give the chair the right to call a meeting.

Mr. Raskin is still the netzig of his shul.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. With all my respects for Rabbi Schwei - if he felt he was biased, so he couldn't pasken in this case - what is the difference for paskening for Nash to take him to court. Is it because this would be a criminal charge?

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this true?
if it is Rubashkin;s family brothers fother and children should tell him to resgin

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is verry sad news for the whole comunity.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a neutral person who realy wanted to see Rubashkin turn his life around.

FIrst of all I would say that to post his previous wrongdoings is against the Mishna which says Al Tizkor Launu Avonos Rishonim. So it is not called for especially since he is married and has kids etc.

But if all is true as you report it then he deserves to have charges filed pending a Din Torah which now he will have to go to and sort out all of the legal problems in one case

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous michus said...

why is he waiting to get out of the hospital. He should do it immideatly or someone should do it on his behalf. If he hesitated a new psak din will come foth from the "moro deasra"

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Rubashkin's Failed Impeachment said...

What were the actual numbers?

Not that it matters, because the entire Netzigim Meeting was illegal for several reason, but JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT, I am curios how miserably Rubashkin Failed in his impeachment attempt.

How many people voted FOR impeachment and how many voted AGAINST impeachment?

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous bb said...

10 netzigim voted no on the impeachment that makes it very simple math he couldn't posible have the 2/3 needed to impeach.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rabbi Schwei paskened that Nash could go to court before Rubashkin stopped paying him so he was not yet a nogea b'dovor. Furthermore, it didn't even require a psak because it is a clear din in Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpot that when someone refuses to come to a din torah you take him to court. This was a more difficult sha'ala that required deliberation so being an honest Rov, he refused to pasken.

The recording of the phone conversation has not been posted out of respect for the Rov; however, if he tries changing his psak, then perhaps it will be leaked. (Rumor has it that he already changed his mind in the very same conversation as soon as he heard that it was about Rubashkin.)

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Rubashkin's Failed Impeachment said...


Thanks for the report but the math isn't "very simple" unless you also tell us the total number of netzigim who voted, for AND against, so we can figure the math.

You only gave us 1/2 of the story.

I think it's only fair that this web site should report both sides of the story and allow the entire community to come to their own conclusions, based on the facts.

bb said...
10 netzigim voted no on the impeachment that makes it very simple math he couldn't posible have the 2/3 needed to impeach.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Netzig said...

Here is the REAL SCORE of last nights Netzigim impeachment attempt.

10 netzigim voted against impeachment

4 abstentions (did not vote)

10 for impeachment

This means

Those who claim "other numbers" it's because they are counting people who may have been present, but who are not real netzigim and who don't truthfully represent ANY shull.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Netzig 2 said...

The Math:

10 + 4 + 10 = 24

Had this meeting been a real and legal netzigim meeting (which of course, it was NOT), then the required number of votes to successfully impeach would be 2/3 of the 24 Real Netzigim which would mean that 16 Netzigim would have had to vote for impeachment.

Not only did Rubashkin not get the required 2/3. He couldn't even get a simple majority to vote "his way".

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Rabinovich said...

Question number two:

Why is everyone else hiding under a nickname?

Why only Poltorak (in his affirmation) and myself, here, have the decency to show our real names to back up what we say?

At June 20, 2006, Blogger DaasHakohol said...


You said "question number 2" but we haven't found "question number 1"

The answer to your question is that whenever you have an "online forum", their is never any way that anyone could possibly verify your name if it is in fact true.

For example, suppose someone claimed that their name was Yankel Rabbinovitch, and suppose their actually was such a person but he was not the actual writer, it would be unfair to the real Yankel Rabbinovitch. That's why we generally allow a Last name only or a first name only but not both.

For Example you signed your name:
- - - (omitted) Rabinovith

We have no way of knowing if you are truthfully the person whom you claim to be (so it's omitted).

The only exception was Poltorak because he went through the trouble of having his statement NOTARIZED and posted that way in all homes and shulls of CH.

If Mr ??? Rabinovitch, would NOTARIZE what he had to say, and put it in all shuls/homes of CH and if it's contents was related to the subjects discussed in DaasHakohol, then your full name would also be fully disclosed.

The Policy of Using Nicknames, is the ONLY fair way, to prevent peoples real names from being misrepresented.

The rule is "Kabel Es Haemes Mimi Sheomroy".

Accept the Truth, regardless of who says it. Think about the SUBJECT rather than the WRITER.

(or if you feel that what is said is "wrong" then "disregard" WHAT is said regardless of WHO said it)

It's the Subject at hand which matters, regardless of whose pen it was.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous nickname said...

Thank you DaasHakohol!

We will certainly have True and Torahdik Sholom with No More Machlokes, No More Corruption, No More innocent people suffering, as soon as we get rid of Rubashkin and Co.!

One good thing Rubashkin did for us, is make us all realize how badly we need Moshiach, for as long as Rubashkin runs the show.

Ribono Shel Olam, Send us Moshiach Now!

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rubashkin should go to a anger manegement 12 step program and get medical help ASAP.If anyone in the community will allow this to go on then they are also responsable for his actions. specially his family and extended family and friends.I would not be supprised if he is also terrorizing his one family and they can't manage him and scard for there lifes.

At June 20, 2006, Anonymous Yisroel said...

Why blame Rubashkin???There are wiser, more experi...

Why blame Rubashkin???

There are wiser, more experienced, and capable people running the show behind him.

Why is Boymelgreen rarely mentioned regarding the awful events happening in the community and they could end it all in a minute.

Brook, Katzman, Reices, Raskin are rarely mentioned in this forum as well and they are accessory to all this.

Why are you whitewashing all there major players' role in this mess.

If you will tell the truth, stop picking on Rubashkin alone. He has become a patsy.

He is not stable and it could be that he is being forced to do all this or SOMEBODY TOLD HIM THAT THEY will see to it that he goes back to jail if he doesn't cooperate.

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason the names of Reitzes and Raskin are not mentioned are because, although they are heavily involved, both of them are brainless puppets and follow orders of the ringleaders.

However, you are correct about some of the other guys .

Katzman IS a major player and instigator.

He may look like hes laying low, that is because for personal reasons he has decided it is better for him to maintain a low profile.

Nevertheless, he consults a lot with Rubashkin/Brook and pushes a very hardline approach.

Even though his name is mentioned as one of those who assited in obtaining the consent agreement to push of the fraudulent elections, he alone admitted that the only reason he did that was because he thought the lefties were not going to vote.

Which means he did not do it out of principle , because its the right thing to do, rather he did it because he wanted to save his party from bizyoinos at the polls. That is hardly a noble reason to be involved.

The main troublemaker who instigates everything from behind the scenes is BOYMELGREEN.

He manipulates everyone from Rabbi Ozdoba down to Rubashkin and everyone in between. He is determined to get rid of Rabbi Shweiand is to determined to hand over the kehila to the left together with a viscious element of revenge. He must be exposed as a partner to the Rubashkin destruction of the Shchuna.

He does not like any exposure and is therefore very happy for Rubashkin to do the dirty work.

Thats not to say that Rubashkin is an innocent victim here, he is a very willing participant. Any exposure for Boimelgreen can be very damaging since he is very high profile in the Real Estate world and any intrusion into his affairs may result into an investigation of how he gets such benjeficial financing terms. It is therefore, very understandable why he tries to keep a low profile.

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that a very prominent individual in this community, will likely be investigated by the DA for making threats against Yisroel Best, in an effort to persuade Best to drop charges.

This is a very classic case of Obstruction of Justice the DA said, and will take all nessasary lagal acton, imeadiately, should this bahvior continue.

This means that CH can now brace it's self for more than one possible Arrest - Rubashkin + "Someone Else".

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few comments.

A. Why hasn't Best complained to the police yet?

B. Spoke to an attendee of the meeting and he claims that Best did NOT go to the hospital.

C. On another note. Rubashkin has a history of assaulting people. Lieberman assumed his father's position in the meat business together with Rubashkin's Father. He left after our Rubashkin assaulted him in a vicious manner. So not only is this "his policy" but he even does it for his family.

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Rubashkin is a Natural said...

Answer to your points:

1) Following Rabbi Osdoba's Psak Din, a Police Report was filed as soon as it was humanly possible.

As everyone knows, unfortunately, it's not so "uncommon" ( to say it "never happens") for anybody to assault people....these things do happen by yidden on by lehavdil non-Jews, in Williamsburg and BP and all over...

Rabbi Osdoba's Psak Din is the STANDARD PSAK DIN which Rabbi Osdoba and all Rabbonim ALWAYS SAY THE SAME Psak Din for such situations.

As you can hear on the Tape, Rabbi Osdoba did not even hesitate to answer this question because Rabbi Osdoba has been asked this same question COUNTLESS TIMES in countless different situations and Rabbi Osdoba's answer is ALWAYS the same,

Many residents of the community can attest, that when they had identical and similar situations, Rabbi Osdoba ALWAYS, paskened for them, the same Psak.

That's why when you listen carefully to the recording, you can hear that their was absolutely no hesitation in Rabbi Osdoba's voice, he said it "as a Matter of OF COURSE" that's what you do the FIRST THING immediately, when someone hits you.

2) Regarding your second point, I was also at the meeting, and what happened is that Best had a lot of Mesiras Nefesh to wait until the end of the meeting (In great Pain), to make sure that Rubashkin's Impeachment attempt, should fail (which it did) by making sure that he will not have 2/3 of the votes he needed. BH Rubashkin didn't have the required number of votes needed.

After the Voting was over, Best headed immediately to the Hospital and later made the Police Report.

Now the Police will do, what they always do, when dealing with such thugs.

3) Regarding your 3d point:

Rubashkin does indeed Assault people regularly (not every day, but whenever he gets into a Rage, as everyone in CH knows this - it's no secret.

Whenever he feels threatened that he is no longer "KING" because someone else questions his authority and dares to defy his dictatorship in ANY matter (lav davka in CH matters), he becomes predictable, very violent. You can almost count on it.

So it's not like this is rubashkins "POLICY" - besides Rubashkin, doesn't have any such thing as a "policy", on anything. Rather, he does what he wants as he sees fit and hits people, whenever he gets very Mad, because he doesn't get his way - he gets into a very violent and very dangerous Temper Tantrum.

Now you can understand, that what happened with Leiberman, was not "premeditated", (Rubashkin doesn't know HOW to "premeditate" anything - he is very spontaneous, in his habit of hitting, whenever he doesn't get "his way".

No one had to "put him up to it", it's not necessary. "Rubashkin is a Natural........"

Rubashkin is being "USED" only in the sense that Boimelgreen, Brook and Katzman, know exactly what type of person Rubashkin is, and are "USING" Rubashkin as a FRONT, that he should do all their dirty work for them.

The above, is "the (named) company's" Cheshbon who put him up, but as for Rubashkin himself, he is a Natural, being exploited by others for their own, selfish, destructive, evil, purposes

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is the Psak Din which Rabbi Osdoba always says the same, (To always report the person doing the assault to Police, immediately) then why did the caller have to record the conversation?

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Nachman said...

"USING" Rubashkin as a FRONT, that he should do all their dirty work for them."

What Dirty worg what dos boimelgrren have to benefit from all this???

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous G-d "Guarantees" a "Nogeah Bedavar" Predictability said...

Normally people never bother to record their conversation with any Rav.

The conversation was recorded only because:

1) The person who did the asaulting is so "well connected", even a child undestands, that it would make ANY Rav who is associated with him (in a positive or negative association) to be VERY MUCH, a "Nogeah B'Davar".

In order to HELP, PROTECT and SHEILD, Rabbi Osdoba from this very natural, expected problem, the identity of the person involved HAD TO BE kept secret, untill after he gave the psak din (as soon as Rabbi Osdoba gave the Psak Din he was told the name, afterwords).

When you ask any Rav a Shaaleh on a Chicken, if it's Kosher or Not, you don't have to tell the Rav the "NAME" of the Chiken :-).

The Rav is enough of a Talmid Chochom, to know what to ask BEFORE he paskens, "whatever" he needs to know, in order to make a proper Psak Din, BEFORE he Paskens, IF needed.

So why was it recorded?

Because it was easily predictably expected (as any child would expect) that any Rav who COULD BE a Nogeah Bedavar certainly WOULD BE a nogeah bedavar as

Torah Guarantees this result.

That's why Torah forbids a Rav who is NogeahBedavbar to Pasken because his Psak Din is GUARANTEED by Torah to be affected.

We the people, naturally, respect all Rabbonim and WE can't possibly imagine how it can be that a Tzadik a Rav could ever be a Nogeah Bedavar in anything - but that's what WE say as Daas Baaley Batim.

Daas Torah says that even a Rav a TZADIK, is absolutely GURANTEED by Hashem's Own, Personal Guarantee - that the Psak din MUST BE AFFECTED as soon as he finds out it's his personal freind.

Their is nothing to be ashamed of about this and their is nothing "chutzpadik" about this - just as their is nothing imabarasing for any human being to admidt that he is in fact a very normal healthy HUMAN being, and behaves as Hashem Guarantes ANYBODY (Even Moshe Rabeinu) would.

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous an alter said...


At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Rubashkin's "License to Kill" said...


You are "making jokes" about a very serious convicted felon!

Rubashkin is very much "out of control" type of person and if he had a Gun he WOULD certainly use it, when he gets into his usual, out of control, RAGE!

Rubashkin doesn't need "a Heter" from Rav to HIT, nor to SHOOT.

But he actually does have a Heter to do the unthinkable, based on the psak "DIN RODEF".

So what do you expect?

People should wait for THAT too?! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Is it better to call from the Hospital, or would you "wait" to only call from the Morgue?

This is a CONVICTED FELON, right out of Prison, we are talking about!

Don't let his smile (or his beard) fool you.

Most Killers (even serial killers) all have "a beautiful smile", too.

Rabbi Osdoba's Leter, is very clear.

Let's be perfectly frank about this:

"DIN RODEF" gives Rubashkin (in his mind and in the mind of other "unpredictable, UNSTABLE people" like Yigal Amir) a LICENSE TO KILL!

The same, Rabbi Osdoba, Paskened to Report him to Police and you aren't respecting Rabbi Osdoba's Psak Din!

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous "Gelt Macht Meshuge" said...

It's a Gevir's Quest For POWER and CONTROL.

I am not sure everyone would say here, "Al Tevieinu Liyedey Nisayon" :-)

Famous Klal:

"Gelt Macht Meshuge"

Nachman said...
"USING" Rubashkin as a FRONT, that he should do all their dirty work for them."

What Dirty worg what dos boimelgrren have to benefit from all this???

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Sholom Y. said...

Why does the headline read that Moshe is going back to prison BEFORE Best even complains to the police? What ever happenbed to what they call "due process?"

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous yosel g said...

due process does not apply to somone who is using a communist system to advance his cause.
we must ask now and take that other drug addict with him "mr.B

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Levi said...


Best went to the Police, immediately, as soon as he got the Psak Din from Rabbi Osdoba which not only Permitted it but REQUIRED it.

In such cases, the Perpetrator is "Booked" (usually within a few days) which technically mean he is then in Police Custody.

Will he be released by Police, after he is booked, or will Police take him back to Prison?

That always depends if the Police consider the perpetrator to be too dangerous to be released and other factors.

Will Rubashkin be Handcuffed?

Probably not, unless "he doesn't turn himself in" and unless of course he deals with the Police the same way as he dealt with Best, in which case the Police must then Handcuff him and throw away the key for good.

If the police decide to release him (which is likely) and he then goes and Kills anyone, Chas V'Sholom, which is very possible, for someone known not to be able to control his temper , because, that is how, he understands, Rabbi Osdoba's "DIN RODEF", (Like the way Yigal Amir understood "Din Rodef") then the Police could be held accountable.

Furthermore, since he is on Parole, he is required to notify his Parole Officer about his being booked.

If he tels his Parole Officer, then the Parole Officer will have decide what needs to be done next (Possibly returning him to where he came from)

Should Rubashkin choose not to tell his Parole Officer (typical of Rubashkin), then he is in even bigger trouble for hiding this from his Parole Officer, who is likely to find out anyway, if he attends one of Rubashkins Netzigim Meetings.

Either way, Rubashkin is "FINISHED" now, regardless of any Court Case outcome.

"Due Process" only applies to the courts, but the Prosecutors (in this case the entire Kehila, represented by it's Netzigim) are permitted to be confident of the merits of their case, as every prosecutor and plaintiff is always "sure" that the perpetrator is guilty - long before any trial, even begins.

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Shmuel said...

Rubashkin is expected to Turn Himself in TODAY for the outstanding warrant against him.

If he doesn't turn himself in today, the Police will have no choice but to Arrest him in handcuffs, wherever they find him.

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was a federal and/or state crime to record someone's voice over the phone without his knowledge.

Is that the real reason why - - - is not making the tape recording available online?

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Attorney said...

Federal law permits recording a phone conversation as long as one party to the conversation consented.

Linda Trip got into a little trouble (but was effective anyway) only because in her state, the state law required both parties consent.

In NY state, only one parties consent is required.

"It is lawful to record a telephone conversation if one is a party to the conversation or has received the consent of a party to the communication. Accord People v. Lasher, 447 N.E.2d. 70, 71 (N.Y. 1983)"


It's not being released at the request of people who feel it isn't Bekovodik for the Rav, (unless people apply pressure that the case be dropped, in which case we will no longer have a choice but to show the evidence).

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you want to talk about people from CROWN HEIGHTS that have been in prisin in the past i can get you a list back to 1970

At June 21, 2006, Anonymous Levi said...


When criminals insist on being Elected, and on Running the entire Kehila, into the ground...

We will then bublish your list too.

As long as X-criminals mind their own buisness and leave everyone alone, no one will bother them.


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